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CrossFit Open Update!

So this past week was 14.3 for the Open.

Deadlifts and box jumps (or if you’re like me, step ups).

CrossFit Open 14.3 Workout

Well, for the longest time I couldn’t do deadlifts because I have these massive knots in my lower back that lock up early and keep me from working out. I started back doing deadlifts about two months ago and I can you this, honestly and straightforwardly, I missed them.

I missed being able to prove I am strong.

I missed being able to show I’ve changed.

And I missed that 1RM PR that I set several months ago.

Oh, that last one? I missed it because I went over it by 20lbs. I’m kind of really stinkin’ happy about that last one.

So long story short, I did this workout twice. Once on Thursday and once yesterday, Monday.

Thursday’s workout wasn’t bad. I had gone through the #95, #135, #155 deadlifts and step ups and had less than a minute left and was able to knock out two at #185 for a final score of 92 reps. I was expecting to be sore, tired, and bedridden all weekend, but amazingly, I wasn’t.

Come Monday, I knew I wanted to improve my score. I wanted to hit 100 reps. I was only 8 away, right? Well, after some planning and with the help of one of my box mates, we changed the plates around on the bar so that I’d never be wasting time taking a plate off, simply always adding weight.

By the time that round of #185 came around, I had just under 2 minutes left. Almost two whole minutes! In that time I was able to knockout 12 reps for a final score of 102. Not only had I beaten my goal for the workout, but I also got 12 reps of #185, a weight I hadn’t deadlifted ever before before Thursday.

I was pretty happy about that, even though now, as I’m sitting at my desk, my back would probably disagree with me.

But that’s besides the point. The point is is that I did it! I got stronger and I surpassed a personal goal and set a personal record. That’s the point of CrossFit, right?

Well, another point of CrossFit is to eat healthy and eat to perform. So I baked some salmon last night.


I’ll call this Stupid Easy Salmon.

I’m not going to lie, I bought the salmon at Costco already in this little pan. It came with these three humongous scoops of pesto butter on the top of each filet, something I immediately removed once I got home. After adding a tiny bit of olive oil to the filets, (they already came with salt, pepper, and a little fresh parsley), I popped them in the oven at 400* for about 35 minutes. (Sorry the picture [or pan for that matter] isn’t prettier, I was in a rush and only did a iPhone photo).


Salmon is such an excellent source of Omega-3s, protein, vitamins A, B, and D as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus and selenium. Salmon is also great for heart health, has excellent brain and nerve benefits and it can make your hair nice and shiny (you know, because you need to shine all the time).


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How crossfit changed my view on fitness

Ok, first of all I want to give a shout out to Megan Clements who wrote this article appropriately titled “On Being Strong: How Crossfit Ended the War with My Body.”

I read this article and could not help but realize how much it relates to me and my personal past struggles.

Before Crossfit, I had tried everything. Cardio, gym memberships, personal trainers, swimming, free weights, and running.

Before eating clean I had tried the fad diets. WeightWatchers, Nutrisystem, The 17 Day Diet, low carb, low fat, low calories, and low sweets.

None of them worked for me. The gym was always monotonous and the results absent.

I used to look at pictures of girls in magazines and think to myself, “man, I want to be skinny like her”. My mom always told me growing up that girls are supposed to be delicate, soft and small. After countless hours of cardio and her constant badgering on wanting me to be “happy and healthy” I looked for other routes.

Crossfit changed everything.

I realized through countless days at the box with I was changing. I started Crossfit with 45 lbs on the barbell. Nearly 9 months later I’ve been able to add 30 lbs on to that bar for some movements, tacking on another 100 lbs for others.

Crossfit made me stronger, eating clean made me healthier, and the box gave me friendships I wouldn’t otherwise have.

I’ve got curves I didn’t have before. I may not look like the girls in those magazines still, but I know I’m healthier and a better person because of Crossfit. I have the friends and fellow athletes I workout alongside pushing me and cheering me on. Having the coaches at my gym to motivate me to add on more weight and push my limits. Having my friends who support and respect my decision to Crossfit who surprise me with little Crossfit gifts like a Wonder Woman journal to track my WODs in.

I thought meal planning and prepping twice a week and living out of Tupperware would be difficult, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s unbelievably easy to prepare food ahead of time, pre-portioned and ready to grab and go from the fridge. Even grabbing a box of greens and tossing some tomatoes and grilled chicken in there during a work event (at least for me) is easier than I thought it would be. And eating out? Why sacrifice a social life when you can still go out with them, eat clean and maintain your health and happiness?

Before Crossfit, I just wanted to be skinny. After starting Crossfit I realized that skinny wasn’t for everyone. I was ready to be fit, strong, and healthy. Crossfit and eating clean was far easier than I thought it would be. Planning out meals and food prepping is easier and far more convenient than I thought it would be. It’s all in your head if you think it’s not. Wouldn’t you rather take a few hours twice a day to cook and prepare everything than opening the fridge and throwing something together last minute? Something that you might not know is healthy or clean enough for you?

Ladies, no matter what, you are beautiful. You are strong. You are unique.

You can be strong and muscular all while still being feminine.

Be you. Do you.