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Five on Friday!

What a crazy busy week. How about a little Five on Friday?!

1. Last night was 14.2, the second workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open. 3 minutes to complete two rounds of 10 OHS #65 and 10 C2B pullups. Well, I had never done a #65 OHS but guess what, I did! And then came the part that I was terrified of. C2B pull-ups. Before yesterday, I hadn’t ever done an unassisted pull-up, let alone a chest to bar pull-up. Well, I didn’t get any C2B, but I hit a personal PR on unassisted pull-ups! I was happy with those results even though I didn’t get any C2Bs.

More importantly, I was so excited that I FINALLY got to participate in the party at Red Stick Crossfit for the WOD! I finally got to go and hangout with my CrossFit family for The Open. The Open WOD was finally capped off with a group of us going out for dinner afterwards. It’s crazy how the people I workout with at Red Stick CrossFit have become my second family.

2. I’d like to say that Mardi Gras 2014 was a success. I had a phenomenal time photographing the parades and just love the history and tradition that is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Oh, and king cake. Who doesn’t love king cake.


3. Along with some fantastic images from Mardi Gras, I love the little things I pick up from sporting events. I absolutely LOVE shooting baseball and football. It’s two of the sports that I absolutely love to shoot. The raw emotion that emulates from the images is just, how can I put it, well, there are no words.

image_2 image_1-1 image_1-2

4. So when I’m not at the box and when I’m not working, taking pictures, and blogging, I’m cooking and juicing. I’ve been making some pretty epic juices lately. Last night’s was a green juice (I’m not going to lie, they’ve all become green juices). The juice was comprised of a bunch of kale, three cucumbers, a box of strawberries, two oranges and an apple. Before adding the cucumbers and apple to the juice, I mixed it up a little and peeled them (along with the oranges). I don’t know why I wanted to try it, but being that I’ve seen a lot of the rind and peel get stuck in the blades and not even make it to the juicer, I guess it was worth a shot. Well, it worked beautifully. I need to update my recipes for y’all.

5. So Wednesday I started watching House of Cards. I’m addicted. I think I need an intervention. The first sign to solving an addiction is to admit you have one, right? Well, yeah. I’m obsessed. If you haven’t started watching this show, and if you’re not already addicted, you need to get on the bandwagon. Like now.


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Happy Lundi Gras y’all!

I’m sitting here, Lundi Gras day, watching Magic Mike and munching on a lil piece of king cake (because why not and it’s Mardi Gras, duh) and I couldn’t help but notice that I hadn’t updated y’all on my first CrossFit Open experience.

For those who don’t know, 14.1 was a 10 min AMRAP of 30 DUs and 15 snatches #55.

I was terrified. I had never gotten DUs before.

Actually, I think I got one once. On accident.

Well, I went in on Friday and was going to do it. I wasn’t going to tell myself no.

I  wasn’t going to give in. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to give up.

So I watched my boxmates do their set. And then I thought to myself, why am I not getting a DU?

Well it turns out it wasn’t me. It was my rope.

I traded my RX rope in for a friends’ simple Rogue rope and I was getting them I developed a pattern and was finally getting double unders!

I was so excited.

Well, now that I had figured out how to get them, and had finished 14.1 at least once, I wanted to try it again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

Silly Mardi Gras threw me off my groove and I wasn’t able to take another chance and the workout.

Oh well. That doesn’t mean I can’t try it again on my own, right?

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Crossfit isn’t a cult, it’s a family

So a lot of people will tell you Crossfit is a cult. Once you drink the Koolaid, you’re done for. Welcome to the club.

But I don’t see it that way.

I see Crossfit as a family. Your brothers and sisters all together working towards the same goal which could inevitably have you sprawled out on the floor at the end of some bonding time, terrified to move because that bonding exercise you just did was tough. You’re all in this together. It’s not everyone for themselves. If it were everyone for themselves, would you be cheering each other on after finishing? Pushing your brothers and sisters to the limits and yelling TIME when you finally complete the task at hand?

Crossfit is definitely a family. It’s my extended family.

In the past few days, I’ve noticed there are a lot more Crossfitters out there who see it this way too.

During the OC Throwdown held this past weekend (January 11-12), one of Crossfit’s most dedicated athletes suffered a devastating injury. During the competition’s snatch session, Kevin Ogar suffered a separated T11/T12 and severed his spinal cord. After he was brought to the hospital, doctors established that he had no voluntary movement below his waist.

Kevin Ogar via Barbells for Boobs

Wow that was tough to type. Just reading it makes me tear up. Seeing an athlete as dedicated and competitive as Kevin endure such an injury just hurts you inside and out.

I don’t know Kevin personally. I didn’t know anything about the competition itself until I read about his injury.

But I also noticed how Crossfitters from across the nation are coming together to support Kevin in his recovery. Both through personal messages and donations. Unfortunately like a lot of athletes, Kevin does not have health insurance.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. Crossfit is a family.

At the time this article was published earlier today, a Fundly page had collected over $60,000 from over 900 of Kevin’s supporters. As of this blog post the donations have reached well over $97,000 from over 1,600 supporters. In just hitting the refresh button on the screen, the donations had increased by $700. Barbells for Boobs is another site that is actively tracking the progress of Kevin’s recovery. They’re establishing a fundraising page that will allow for more of the donations to be accessible to Kevin and his family. Other upcoming Crossfit competitions are setting up places on site where donations can be made to go towards his recovery.

This is family.

Family comes together in times of need to support each other. Family doesn’t have to be in your blood. Family supports one another through the good and the bad. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Kevin Ogar post surgery via The RX Review

My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin Ogar, his family, friends, loved ones, and his Crossfit family. #ogarstrong

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2013 in a Nutshell

So I’m sitting at home watching the series finale of Treme with my dog sound asleep next to me and I can’t help but think over the last year and what I’ve done.

In January I started grad school. Something I was proud of at the time but then realized I had jumped the gun too quickly. I also got rid of some extra baggage I was carrying around and found a new apartment to escape from my crazy neighbor.

February was ok.  Moved into my new apartment and woke up every morning drinking coffee on the patio and waving to my ex-crazy neighbor. I started a new part time job. New Orleans hosted a Super Bowl and the LSU baseball season opened.

March is the best month because it’s my birthday month. It was a month filled with shenanigans and the travelhood of the sisterpants. Operation “Wet Kiwi” was a success after two of my best friends broke into my apartment and surprised me with birthday shenanigans and general craziness. Oh, and that crazy neighbor? He got evicted.

In April I shared a plate of crawfish with Kirk Herbstreit and other members of the ESPN Gameday crew. It’s is the month that I’m most proud of. April is when I started Crossfit at Red Stick Crossfit.  Joining that gym was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t thank the coaches and my fellow athletes enough for pushing me to my limits and beyond every day.

May was a month filled with craziness. Ms. Oakley turned 1 on Cinco de Mayo and we celebrated accordingly. I quit grad school, put it on the backburner and tried to figure my life out (which no 23 year old should have to do because it’s not fun).

June meant summer. Summer means freedom, well, kind of. LSU baseball made it to Omaha on the anniversary of Warren Morris’ 1996 CWS winning homerun. Tiger Stadium got a new field. Many sunny days were spent at my friends’ rooftop pool in New Orleans, and one of my friends taught me that those fancy sleeves they put on coffee cups is called a zarf.

The rooftop shenanigans and late nights in New Orleans continued all through July, with many trips to the Bulldog, car rides, and kids movies at 10pm on a Saturday night. I made my mom a TOTALLY non-paleo incredibly dirty yet incredibly delicious birthday cake (think cookie, brownie, cookie, brownie, cookie with vanilla icing between each layer covered in chocolate icing and sprinkles galore).

August brought me into the green smoothie lifestyle. Many summer WODs were completed in 90o+. There was a beach trip and Ms. Oakley found her way into the Gulf of Mexico and played in the sand. I started eating paleo and doing food prep. I also lost my car to a negligent driver to couldn’t see around a truck at a stop sign but thought it was ok to go anyway.  RIP Puf Daddy.

September meant fall (kind of). Fall means football. LSU football started and September also let me go play on the boat in the marsh and bayou for a few days. I got my first RX at Red Stick Crossfit and was incredibly proud of myself. I became addicted to stuffed pork tenderloin. I got a new car that I named Roux and became a grownup with a car note.

October was just junk. Roux got hit by a drunk driver in Downtown Baton Rouge. I had a 28-day rental in the form of a Ford Focus (aka tiny car). I got a crown and was told I was a princess by my dentist. FINALLY hung photos in my apartment after living there for almost a year. I stuffed pork tenderloin with bacon. Yep, I sure did. And I got Roux back just in time for Halloween.

In November I went full paleo and became obsessed with bacon. I tried cooking everything with bacon. And I mean everything. I even tried to convince my mom to wrap the Thanksgiving turkey with bacon. Yep, that pretty much sums up November.

Welp, December. December was a month of letdowns. I had two promising job opportunities that I had interviewed for and found out that neither of them wanted to bring me on as a team photographer. Yeah, I was sad but at the same time I realized that for one of them, I beat out 250 other applicants to become one of the 10 finalists. I went to dinner with my dad and the waiter thought we were together. That was awkward. I helped some crazy friends move into their new house, became BFFs with I-12, got the game winning touchdown in a college playoff game, and got excited over a new dishwasher. The filthy fifty Friday and 12 days of Christmas WOD both kicked my butt but I loved every second of it. And I ordered a small large at Reginellis. These things happen.

So it’s New Years Eve.

The last day of 2013.

I need to come up with some goals for the New Year, right? Hmmm.