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Five on Friday!

My life has been so hectic this past week so I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked.

Anyway, today’s is my birthday so for my Five on Friday I thought I’d share some personal stuff about me 🙂

1. I tell people I’m from New Orleans/Metairie, but my heart is in Hopedale. You see, Hopedale is this little village (I don’t think it qualifies as a city) that’s below Chalmette, which is southeast of New Orleans. Anyway, the reason I say my heart is in Hopedale is because every weekend growing up I was there, fishing, playing on the boat and exploring bayous and marshes.


2. I’m incredibly impatient. Like, I have this nervous/weird tick that I inherited from my dad. When I’ve been waiting for some time, my foot will just start tapping. I can’t explain it. I do it at my desk, at the dinner table and even in traffic. I am always looking for a way out of a situation, whether its some awkward conversation with someone I haven’t seen in forever, or again, traffic. They’re not always negative situations or anything like that. Just planning ahead sometimes, anticipating certain things.

3. I’ve been cooking a LOT lately. I mean a lot a lot. I need to post some more recipes to here for y’all and update the recipes page. But anyone who knows me knows I love to cook. I mean love love love. I will randomly add different spices and ingredients to whatever I’m cooking, creating new tastes and flavors. Like these stuffed chicken breasts I made the other day (I call them baby chickens because they’re kind of little). One of my new favorite things to cook with are baby bellos (baby portobello mushrooms).

4. CrossFit has really given me some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. I mean, if you can get all gross, sweaty and writhe on the floor in pain together before going to grab dinner and drinks in those same clothes you were just working out in, it has to be a true friendship, right? Duh. Of course it is.

5. So these friends of mine that I’ve made through CrossFit. Well, a bunch of us are all celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday here in Baton Rouge. For those who don’t know, this holiday in Baton Rouge is the equivalent to Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans. It’s legit and it’s crazy. Well, being the person I am and historically doing absolutely nothing fun for my birthday (well, there was that one time freshman year in Boulder when my then-boyfriend was working and I ‘went out’ with some ‘friends’ who ended up drinking too much, so I left and then they all got MIPs walking home), with the exception of work, because you know, work can be fun. Sometimes. So long story short, that St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebration? Yeah, I’m treating that like my own birthday party and everyone else is celebrating with me. Oh, and there will be mimosas.



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Name calling, boys, and silly people

So growing up with two brothers and going to an all girls high school, people get called names.

We’re taught that stick and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us.

But they do, right?

There always have been and will be mean girls and mean boys.

Sometimes, name calling hurts more than one would expect it do.

We’re taught to smile and stay strong, be confident, be assertive, breakaway from the discussion, and maybe even find another group of friends to call your own.

There will always be other people to call your friends, right?

But what happens when this person doing the name calling happens to be a boy. Maybe even a boy you like.

Yeah, I’m in my mid-twenties and honestly, I still call guys boys. And sometimes, boys are stupid.

So back to the name calling. So this guy I’m talking about. We’ve been talking back and forth for a few months, he’s gone on a hiatus or two but we still talk.

Well, we had gotten into an argument because he told me I workout too much.

Actually, he called me a “workout freak”.

Yeah, he told me that.

Honestly, I know it shouldn’t bother me that much, but it really did. It’s like one of those things that cuts you deep, deep into your core.

He even went so much to tell me that the amount of time a typical crossfitter spends training less time that could be spent with his or her family. Actually, this is what he said:

“Food for thought. An average cross fit man/woman spends seven hours a week training. For a run/meet that happens once/twice a year. She spends less than 10 hours of intense time per week with her children that need her attention more than 30 times/year. It seems skewed. If the people that spend all that time “training” would invest that time in quality interaction with their family/spouse/kids then life in general would’ve been better for them.”

It took me 15 or 20 minutes to figure out a way to respond to this text. Oh, yeah, this was a TEXT message.

First of all, I’m not married to him, hell, we aren’t even dating (for the record, we’re no longer talking).

But he had the cojones to call me a workout freak? I mean, telling me I workout too much is bad enough, but resorting to name calling?

We’re young adults. Not children, not dating, not a couple, not married!

Just talking!

What he fails to understand is that Crossfit isn’t “just working out”.

Back in November, The Movement Fix posted something on their blog.

5 Reasons to Never tell a Crossfitter to stop Crossfitting.

Pretty self-explanatory right?

It’s scary true. Crossfit is more than working out.

It’s an emotional and physical outlet.
It’s a way to challenge yourself.
It’s a way for the new neighbor to join a social circle.
It’s a way for you to be a part of something bigger.
It’s a way for you to beat yourself.

No matter your goal, remember why you started.

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Y’all, I am so stoked about my new purchase. After talking with friends and fellow Crossfitters and picking through and going through my options I got myself a Breville Compact Juicer!

I have been having the time of my life juicing since I got it last Thursday. I even made juice for my parents! They weren’t too fond of it but hopefully it will grow on them.

Now, these recipes will DEFINITELY be joining the recipe posts I make on here. So far I’ve only made 2-3 different kinds of juice. One of which I call “Green Juice!” and the other is a “Sunrise Citrus”. Both are incredibly clean, paleo and healthy. I’m trying to only eat/drink fruit in the mornings, none after 11am, so I drink my Sunrise Citrus first thing in the morning. It’s crisp and clean and super sweet! The Green Juice is one I concocted to drink in the afternoons, kind of like a jolt to keep me going if I feel myself starting to fade.

After I make my juice, I pour them into Ball’s Mason Jars. I picked up a 12-pack from Amazon for less than $10.

Y’all, this whole set up is mess-free! You can take apart the whole juicer and put it in the dishwasher if you want to. It’s pretty quiet too. A lot quieter than my blender but Miss Oakley still runs and hides when the juicer gets rolling. The jars are also easily cleaned by hand or dishwasher (I wash the lids by hand). Just be sure that you’re prepared to drink all the juice you make. Otherwise, it will go bad pretty easily.

Juicing is such an easy way to consume veggies and fruits during the course of your day. Granted, I still eat my veggies at every meal, but being able to drink them just adds even more yummy veggies to your diet!

I should also add that I am not doing a juicing “cleanse”. Like I said before, I’m juicing so I can add in additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids into my clean eating lifestyle.

Did you know that eating 6 large carrots is equivalent to eating 8 oz of carrot juice?

Who doesn’t love fun and random facts? Click here for other fun and random fun juicing facts!

This is what I made last night. My mom and I went to Costco in New Orleans and picked up a whole bunch of clean fruits and veggies! Apples, oranges, tomatoes, kale, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, lettuce, and strawberries.

Green juice!
Yields 3-4
– 4-5 cups of kale
– 4 apples (I use fuji)
– 2 cucumbers
– 6 stalks of celery (8 if they’re short)
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 2 incles fresh ginger
– 1 cup water

Sunrise Citrus!
Yields 3-4
– 6 oranges, peeled
– 3 apples
– 4 stalks celery
– 1 cup water

Both of the above recipes made a 4 jars of both juices at a little over 12 oz.

Just remember to shake them up gently before consuming because the juice will settle and separate.


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It’s the freaking weekend!

Ok so go ahead and forgive me for the little rant. Oh, and grab the popcorn.

During the evening hours Monday through Friday I can be found at my gym, Red Stick Crossfit. Saturdays and Sundays? Those are the leisure days when I walk five or six miles around LSU and Baton Rouge with Miss Oakley. Now, during the week I walk her two or three miles a day just to get her out and about. Before the spring semester started and the weather was halfway decent, I’d walk her around the lakes and LSU campus without a lot of traffic. The weekends same deal.

People tended to be a little courteous.

“Excuse me.”

“On your left!”

“Excuse us.”

You’d see the same few people if you went around the same time everyday. Wave, say hello, the kind of neighborly behavior you’d see on a street lined with cute little houses and white picket fences.

Enter spring semester.

Class is back in session, students are back, staff are back, professors are back.

A lot of people are back. A lot.

And a lot of this common courtesy seems to have migrated away for the spring.

Now, when I’m walking Miss Oakley, she’s on a tight leash, not roaming freely in busy areas, and I manage to keep control of her around people. Always alert. No distractions (other than the occasional text message), we walk.

In the past two days I’ve almost been run over by three different cyclists (on the sidewalk), a car failing to yield at a crosswalk, people allowing their dogs with questionable behavior to approach Miss Oakley and I and cyclists just appearing behind me expecting to me to sense their presence.

Y’all, forgive me for being all ‘on the pedestal’ and whatever, but that’s just plain rude.

Anyway, that rant is over.

Just be courteous, let people know when you’re passing them, and use common sense.

It can’t be THAT difficult. I mean, the majority of this influx of people-traffic are supposed to be in college, right?

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Five on Friday!

It’s finally Friday! My first work-week of the Advocare 24-day challenge + paleo challenge is almost over! I’ve been religiously hitting the box everyday since starting but was too sore to go yesterday. Y’all, when your body is telling you to take a rest day, TAKE A REST DAY. I learned that the hard way a few months ago.

Well, in preparation for a semi-calm weekend of work, I figured I’d throw together a little Five on Friday for y’all. Not only is this my first Five on Friday of 2014, but it’s my first one ever!

1. If you’re challenging yourself to eat better, whether its cleaner, more paleo or whatever, don’t give into your cravings. I can’t tell you how hard those first few days are, but once you pass them it’s clear skies and sweet freedom. I keep fruit and a bag of veggies in my fridge now, and when I get a craving I’ll grab a sweet piece of fruit to satisfy it. It’s been five days since I’ve had anything remotely chocolate and it feels great!

2. Over the past few days it’s been ridiculously cold down here in South Louisiana. I don’t know how you Northerners do it. I was wearing probably five layers just to walk outside and convince Ms. Oakley she needed to go to the bathroom before we could cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.

3. I started extensive meal planning this week with my Advocare 24-day challenge + paleo challenge. Every Saturday, I sit down with an excel spreadsheet and plan out every single thing I plan on eating that week. No lie. I even have water listed (even though we should ALL be drinking a ton of water, I put it on there as a friendly reminder). Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, pre-workout, dinner, snack, water, water, water. It’s all planned so when I go to the store on Sunday morning I know exactly what I need to buy so I can save money and only buy what I need. There are no excuses if you’re prepared and plan ahead.

4. I learned that there are always people who want you to fail. Always. And you know what happens when you realize that? I pick yourself up off the ground (that’s only if you’ve fallen down), brush the dirt off your butt and keep on with your life. Why? Because it’s YOUR life. It’s your life, your stage, everyone else is just a guest in it. You have to do you first. I had a great talk with one of my good friends over at Eat. Pray. WOD. last night about this same thing. There will always be mean girls who push you around because they’re jealous, insecure, or whatever the reason. From middle school, high school, college, even in the workforce. Just let it go. You can’t let people bring you down. Ever.

5. Lastly, learn to spread your wings. I’ve been job-hunting and up until recently had been limiting myself to Louisiana. Why? Because I’m scared of change. I’m scared to lose the friends I’ve made in Baton Rouge, scared to leave my family in New Orleans, and I’m scared to leave my box and all the great people I’ve met through it. But you know what? There are other boxes out there. There are other cities to call home. There are people out there who can become your future friends and boxmates. You just have to be ready to let go of what’s holding you back and dive on in. Moving can suck. But moving can be good. It can be healthy. Think of it as a new, clean slate. You just have to be ready and accept the challenge.

Five on Friday!

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So it’s January

Yesterday was January 6th, which happens to be Kings Day/Twelfth Night, and is the official start of Carnival Season in Louisiana. King Cakes, debutante balls, beads and beer are pretty much the only things that come to mind when I think of Kings Day/Twelfth Night.

But it’s also a new year, and a fresh start for a lot of people. Last year I went through some drama and it wasn’t fun. I told myself that I wouldn’t let affect me in the future or hold me back. Well guess what, it still is. And that kind of sucks.

So forget last year. After all, everything that happened then is so last year. Live in the present. Live for now. Do you.

2014 Resolutions
1. Be happier.
2. Eat Clean, Train Dirty.
3. Get in shape.
4. Spend more time with friends and socializing.
5. Go after my dream job / pursue a career.
6. Take more pictures.
7. Be in more pictures.
8. Hit more PR’s at the Box.
9. Travel more.
10. Live more.
11. Love more.
12. No regrets.
13. Learn to say No.
14. Quit stressing.
15.  Have fun.

I’ve posted this before, and I know how much people just LOVE the “New Year, New Me” hype, but I’m going to share it anyway.

In 2014, I want to be a better person.

I’m going to pay it forward, be welcoming and appreciative to everyone.

I’m going to stop talking down to myself and be more encouraging both personally and to others.

I’m going to walk more. Run more. Enjoy the outdoors with Ms. Oakley.

I’m going to be healthy and I’m not going to let others bring me down.

I’m going to focus on me and let all of the other pieces fall into place.

Happy New Year y’all.


Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello world!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. I thought it was a good enough day to start a blog, so it might as well be fabulous, right?

Well, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hilary. I’m a 23 year old freelance photographer living in South Louisiana with my awesome furry kid Annie. This blog will be a lot of different things. Mostly CrossFit related, but there will also be some photo and cooking stuff. And hopefully lots of pictures and positivity!

If you want to know more about me and my journey to joining CrossFit, you can read more here.

Anyway, thanks for reading and Happy Wednesday!