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Applause for Aerie #aerieREAL

Ok, so everyone knows that the vast majority of already-beautiful models are photoshopped and cut and pasted and liquified to make an advertisement “good”, right?


Buzzfeed recently featured lingerie manufacturer Aerie and the launch of their #aerieREAL campaign where they photograph already-beautiful models and do zero photoshopping. The results?


Look at these beautiful ladies y’all!

They’re all beautiful. No photoshop needed!

This is what is wrong with America and how beauty is perceived. So many gorgeous young women are battling eating disorders and personal image misconceptions that this campaign needed to be done.

You don’t have to be skinny. You don’t need to hide anything.

Beauty is everywhere. Everyone is beautiful.

It reminds me of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. We need to build up the self-esteem of these young ladies. Show them that they’re worth it. But instead, so many young ladies are struggling. And the struggle is real.


Beauty is strength.
Beauty is friendship.
Beauty is having and accepting flaws.
Beauty is happiness.
Beauty is being successful.
Beauty is everywhere.
Everyone is beautiful.

Find your inner beauty, what ever it may be and do you.

Be you, do you.