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About Me

One of the one things I hate the most is talking about myself, sharing secrets and opening up. I’m an incredibly private person in everything I do and this whole blog scene is new to me. I’ll do my best, but forgive me if this is a little weird.

Hi my name is Hilary and I’m addicted to CrossFit. But really. I’m 24, a pisces, an LSU alumna, freelance photographer and dogmom to one crazy little schnauzer. You can find me on FacebookPinterest and Instagram too.

My journey to crossfit began over 10 years ago, and I didn’t even realize it. A lot of people don’t know this, but I was really sick as a child. It landed me in and out of Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, LA for the better part of 3 years. I don’t dwell on it, but during that time I had to be on multiple medications to help me heal; that’s where my weight gain started. That’s when my journey began.

Since that time, I have always struggled with weight, a healthy self image and a social life. It had it’s ups and downs, and I always found that with one step forward, I’d get knocked back two more.

Fast forward through 7 years of remission, a high school graduation and a yearlong stint in Boulder, Colorado and a crazy ex-boyfriend, I found myself at LSU. I thought of my journey to LSU as a clean slate. Sure, I had friends here, but I wanted a fresh start. By this point, I hadn’t really looked past my mother’s want to help me lose weight. The woman is as skinny as a rail and eats like a bird. She obviously wanted what’s best for her daughter, but what’s best might not always be what’s right. You know?

Soon after transferring to LSU, I began working as a team photographer with LSU Athletics. I was always active. Lived in the gym 5-6 days a week and eating what I thought was relatively healthy. Yet even through all of this, nothing changed. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, get skinny and live my life.

Fast forward to December 2012. Graduation. I graduated from college. I was ecstatic, ready to take on the world, try my hand at graduate school and enter the world of adulthood. Remember that one step forward two steps back thing? Yeah. It happened again.

Graduate school didn’t really work out and I decided to take a break to figure out my life (for the record, I don’t know a single 23 year old who has their life completely figured out). I garnered some part time jobs and had heard of CrossFit but never really took the plunge and tried it out because I was scared. Yeah, I was scared.

You want to know why CrossFit scared me? I didn’t want to bulk up, I had never really lifted anything heavy, and my mom thought it was “unladylike”. But I tried it anyway.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Six months later, I feel like an official member of the CrossFit community. I’ve embraced the lifestyle, the scars, the bruises, and the calluses. I completely changed my diet from what it was (unhealthy and dirty) to what it is (healthy and clean) and I can’t believe how different I feel.

So this is my journey into the world of CrossFit. A journey shadowed by fear, accomplishment, strength and family. I joined Red Stick Crossfit and they welcomed me into their family of athletes with open arms. One specifically, my friend Ace, inspired me to start a blog (Eat.Pray.WOD.).

I started out as a girl who was out of shape and wanted to be skinny. But I soon found out that skinny isn’t always the right answer. Strong and healthy is. I’m as bullheaded and stubborn as they come (thanks dad) and it took me six months to realize that being strong and healthy is better than skinny. Mental and physical strength is better, in my eyes, than just plain skinny.

Yeah, you might consider it a cult, but to me, it’s my extended family. I’ve become the person who has to explain why she’d rather have water instead of vodka and asks “Is this paleo?”

CrossFit is my crutch.

My therapy.

The bar doesn’t talk back to you or cop an attitude. It might break you down, but it will build you back up.

Welcome to my journey.


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