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Let’s have a lil Thursday Q&A

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Ok, so first and foremost I want to say that I’m so eternally grateful for my friends, especially those I count as my Crossfit support system.

So freaking grateful.

I am so stubborn. So freaking stubborn. I’m as bullheaded and stubborn as they come (thanks dad). But when I’m at Red Stick Crossfit, I feel different. I feel like a different person.

I’m like this because of my friends. Because of Ace and Colby and Lauren pushing me. Yelling at me. Encouraging me.

This is why I Crossfit. If I didn’t have the support of my fellow athletes, I don’t know what I’d do.

In fact, I probably would have quit by now.

But I haven’t. And I won’t.

I’m still here.

10 months later, and I’m still here.

8 lbs down, and I’m still here.

Plantar fasciitis, and I’m still here.

An enflamed Achilles tendon, and I’m still here.

Callused, sore and broken down, I’m. Still. Here.

I’m still here because I want to be. Not because I have to be.

I’m still here because I have people who support me and encourage me. These people depend on me to be there day in and day out both inside and outside of the gym.

And now one of these people who supports me and encourages me and sends me texts like “Good morning little bug! Have a great day at work and get so excited about the gym tonight!” nominated me for something called the Liebster Award.

For those who don’t know, the Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. What does it mean? Well it’s German and has several meanings: dearest, sweetest, beloved, kind, pleasant, valued, enduring, and favorite. It’s a great way to share with the blogging community, get to know other bloggers and inspire others.


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

My Questions via Eat.Pray. WOD.:

1. Most embarrassing moment? Ok so this is awkward. I was working a baseball game last season and had to climb up a ladder to get on the roof to get a specific shot. Well, on my way down the ladder I TOTALLY missed a step and fell down 3-4’ and landed on my butt. Thankfully, the camera somehow miraculously landed on my lap (I still have no idea how this happened). Well, I look over and the closet door where the ladder is, is open. And there are like, 10 people standing there. Just standing there. Some giggling, some laughing, some just staring in disbelief. People I know and people I work with. So freaking awkward.

2. Favorite recipe? Hmm. Probably my grilled chicken. I marinade it in this light Italian salad dressing overnight and then grill it. Ohmygod it’s so good. It’s amazing hot over a bed of Romaine lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Item of clothing you feel most confident in and why? Hmm. Honestly, this would have to be my Nike Epic Runs. I have no idea why but my workout pants make me feel almost invincible. One of my friends even refers to them as my “Wonder Woman” pants.

4. What do you do to relax? Hmm. This is a three-way tie between wine and a bubble bath, zoning out on a walk with Miss Oakley or spending time at the range. Yeah, I know three COMPLETELY different things, but it’s true. These are the things I do to relax.

5. If you could choose anywhere in the world to spend a week, where would it be? Watercolor, FL. Hands down. I love the beach so so so so so much. If I had the funds, I’d just move there, live on the beach and take pictures all day everyday. Oh, and who doesn’t love beach Crossfit?!


6. Favorite beer? Lol. This is funny. I don’t drink a lot. If I’m out late socializing with friends, I’ll sip on one vodka water all night. If I’m out at dinner or a sporting event and I just want a beer instead of wine I’ll go with Michelob Ultra or Corona Extra with a lime.

7. Least favorite way to sweat? Working. Definitely working. It absolutely sucks when you’re standing on the sideline of a football field or baseball diamond at noon during the summer carrying 30-40lbs of gear and just standing there shooting for 3-4 hours. I don’t know how our soldiers fighting overseas do it in full protective military gear every damn day under the beating desert sun.

8. Would you rather have to wear 80’s style blazers with shoulder pads everyday for the rest of your life OR wear Lady Gaga’s meat dress once a day for the rest of your life? This is seriously a scary situation. Both of these are. I absolutely hate shoulder pads so I’d have to go with the meat dress once a week for the rest of my life.

9. Quote you live by? Eat clean, train dirty. Duh.

10. Favorite color and why? Green. Because it’s the color of money! Just kidding. I love the color green because it’s EVERYWHERE! Grass is green. Flowers are semi green. Trees are green. All of my bedspreads and bed sheets are green. I just love the color green.

11. Who would play you in the movie of your life? Hmm. This is a tough one too. Honestly I freaking love Jennifer Aniston. I’d only hope that I’d be honored enough to have her play me in a movie. I mean, she’s 45 years old as of Tuesday and she’s still in amazing shape.

Ok so now that that’s done, here’s the fun part.

My questions:

1. What’s your spirit animal?

2. What’s your favorite cheat meal (if you have one)?

3. Favorite guilty TV show?

4. Where were you born?

5. Have you ever had a Choco Taco?

6. What’s your favorite sport? Both to watch and participate in.

7. What time of the day do you write your blog?

8. What’s your personal therapy?

9. What’s your favorite book?

10. Who do you look up to?

11. What are three goals you have for 2014?

My nominations:
1. RanchCookie
2. Fossils and Gooseberries
3. The Health Hump

Sidebar: I know you’re supposed to post 11 blogs by other bloggers but I’m legit losing my mind trying to find more. 



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