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It’s the freaking weekend!

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Ok so go ahead and forgive me for the little rant. Oh, and grab the popcorn.

During the evening hours Monday through Friday I can be found at my gym, Red Stick Crossfit. Saturdays and Sundays? Those are the leisure days when I walk five or six miles around LSU and Baton Rouge with Miss Oakley. Now, during the week I walk her two or three miles a day just to get her out and about. Before the spring semester started and the weather was halfway decent, I’d walk her around the lakes and LSU campus without a lot of traffic. The weekends same deal.

People tended to be a little courteous.

“Excuse me.”

“On your left!”

“Excuse us.”

You’d see the same few people if you went around the same time everyday. Wave, say hello, the kind of neighborly behavior you’d see on a street lined with cute little houses and white picket fences.

Enter spring semester.

Class is back in session, students are back, staff are back, professors are back.

A lot of people are back. A lot.

And a lot of this common courtesy seems to have migrated away for the spring.

Now, when I’m walking Miss Oakley, she’s on a tight leash, not roaming freely in busy areas, and I manage to keep control of her around people. Always alert. No distractions (other than the occasional text message), we walk.

In the past two days I’ve almost been run over by three different cyclists (on the sidewalk), a car failing to yield at a crosswalk, people allowing their dogs with questionable behavior to approach Miss Oakley and I and cyclists just appearing behind me expecting to me to sense their presence.

Y’all, forgive me for being all ‘on the pedestal’ and whatever, but that’s just plain rude.

Anyway, that rant is over.

Just be courteous, let people know when you’re passing them, and use common sense.

It can’t be THAT difficult. I mean, the majority of this influx of people-traffic are supposed to be in college, right?


Author: Hilary

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One thought on “It’s the freaking weekend!

  1. I have the same problem crossing the street from my dorm to campus, I mean it is like 20 degrees and you’re in a car I think you can stop for the girl at the cross walk! Glad I came across your rant lol

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