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People change

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So I’m sitting here at work, bored, and doing the only thing I can think of to ease these Wednesday woes; Facebook stalk. Yep, that’s right. I’m looking through my friends to see who is doing what with their lives and what they’re doing. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who does this. We’ve all done it. I’m not one to pass judgment, by any means, and I want to get that straight right now. But I do want to say that there are people who change, and there are people who don’t.

There’s the girls who were always partying in high school, partied through college, and are still continuing to party (shocker). There’s the grad school students, the law school students and the pre-meds; all of whom have a tendency to post about caffeine and paper writing (been there, done that, no thanks). The six year undergrads (you know who you are, I still love you). There’s the people who took 2 years after college to grow up and find their footing in the real world. There’s the shy nerds who didn’t really socialize in high school and college who are now working for corporations I could only dream of. There’s your ex-boyfriends who you can’t help but notice they’ve gotten a tad out of shape and secretly enjoy every second of it (mostly because since leaving that relationship, you started to date Crossfit). The people who you call some of your closest friends and see how they’ve excelled in their careers. The fellow crossfitters who post motivational pictures, quotes and PRs (I love seeing these because it’s something to be proud of). There’s the people you don’t really ever talk to but for some reason you’re still Facebook friends (probably for this whole stalking thing).

And then there’s me.

Looking back, I’ve made some stupid decisions. Like really stupid. I can’t help but sort through my own Facebook and see and the obstacles I’ve overcome, the friends I’ve made and the road I’ve chosen to live my life. Crossfit helped change me. It’s amazing how this one tiny aspect of my lifestyle can change who I am as a person.

I used to be really negative about a lot of things. Judged for not being a party-animal growing up in New Orleans and not really drinking. Judged because I’d rather spend a late night cooking and doing food prep than going out and partying. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m going to live my life and everyone else is going to live theirs. Things happen, you screw up here and there but you know what? The sun is going to rise again tomorrow and it’s going to be a new day. Pick that bar back up and keep going.


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