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Crossfit girls are better. Agree or disagree?

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So I ran across this article on Facebook today (the owner of my box posted it) and reposted it because 1. It made me laugh and 2. It’s scary true.

Why You Should Be Dating A Crossfit Girl

Here’s the article according to me:

1. Crossfit girls are seriously fit. This is true. Whether you’re new the sport or a seasoned veteran, you can see your body is changing. Being single I’ve been able to devote a lot of time to health and fitness and just focus on myself. That might sound weird to some, but to me I enjoy it. When I do decide I want to date again, I want to be surrounded by positivity and date someone who understands and respects my fitness decisions.

2. Dedication. We spend time in the gym, cut out blocks of time, plan ahead, etc so we KNOW we will be able to get our workout in. I schedule all of my classes on Sundays (usually) so I know my week ahead of time, I secure a spot, and I don’t chance seeing the WOD ahead of time. I just love the surprise of walking in and finding out that way.

3CrossFit girls are (for the most part) “guy’s girls”. My mom hates this one. Crossfit girls can throw serious weight around. Just the other day I hit a new PR of a clean jerk and I was ecstatic. While I might take a little longer than 20 minutes to shower and clean up, I would much rather relax with friends and grab a drink to watch the game.

4. Independence. This is HUGE. Going back to #1, being single isn’t a lifelong decision, but it’s who I am now. It’s a lot easier to focus on fitness, make time for the gym, and eat clean this way. Like the article says, I don’t NEED someone in my life to be happy, it’s if I WANT you there.

5. Competitive nature. I love that my coach pushes me to lift heavier. She will yell at me, change my weight when I’m not looking and overall encourage me and it has made me really competitive, not only in Crossfit but in my personal life as well. I sometimes secretly compete with other boxmates during WODs and love it (don’t lie, you do it too).

6. Crossfit girls are more brazen. While I’m still a little hesitant to try new things, I’ve realized how much more open I am when trying certain things. I have learned to love trying new things (it’s a process) and am always up for a new adventure.

7. Paleo. Just started this a month or so ago and haven’t looked back. While I might not have the smoking hot bod that the article infers you get from automatically eating paleo, it’s a process. I eat an 80/20 paleo lifestyle and LOVE cooking and discovering new recipes, so I guess that part is true. And everyone loves a girl who can cook, right?

8. Personality. Crossfit has definitely changed my personality. I find myself more open to others and love the group that I workout with since we all usually go around the same times. I’ve thought of myself as a tad witty, and honestly working with guys for the past 5 years has given me a certain, uh, resilience (I guess? Maybe?) to those crude comments they have a tendency to spew. 

9. Crossfit girls wear tiny outfits to the gym and will show up to hangout scantily clad in gym clothes and think nothing of it. Now this one, when I read it I kind of scrunched my face and cocked my head to the side. I don’t really know what to think of it. A lot of the girls at my box wear tights and some form of either a loose shirt or a skin tight top. Me? I just rock the tights and a sleeveless running shirt. I like to be able to move around and not really have to deal with something riding up or sticking to me. I have, however, realized that I find myself going to the store or running a quick errand in my gym clothes. Sometimes I’ve even gone not realizing there’s chalk all over my legs. Do I care? No. Should I? Eh.

10. Going there. Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. (All I will say is that my mother continues to tell me that “no man will want to be with you if you keep working out like this.” I’ll take my chances.)

Anyway, it’s Friday. Happy weekend y’all!


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